Biggest Disappointments Of Google

Hi all social people... In this text i will share some thoughts of me about Google's projects..
First of all i must say that Google is a great company with projects like Gmail,Blogger,Google Earth,Google Maps,Youtube and Google Search of course.I think that the best move of Google was buying Youtube. But  i am asking you the question: Is Google always doing the right thing? I think the answer is no.Everybody makes mistakes of course .I am not here to judge them i will just share my opinion..
I will not talk about the simple services of Google in this text because there are lots of them. And lots of them has been cancelled..
Let's talk about Knol.. Knol was an unnecessary idea. And now we have another Wikipedia clone which has'nt got enough knowledge about lots of things. I also don't like the design . Google must do something three dimensional to compete with Wikipedia i think..
Here is a good text about Knol from another wikipedia derivative Squidoo :)

The second one comes. Yes it is Google Talk. I dont know why lots of people does'nt prefer it but  it really lacks a good interface.. (I am using Digsby) I think a good interface with speech bubbles may help. And also full support for cameras,mobile phones,handsets is needed too..
The third one is google notebook. It was simple but useful but of course evernote is much better.
Google stopped this project.
The fourth is SearchWiki i think. Is anybody there using it? I doubt it.
The fifth is Jaiku. It is not a service to compete with the popularity of Twitter..
The sixth is Orkut. Its profile information features are better than Facebook and MySpace i think. But its applications are not as useful as the apps of facebook.
The final two are Google Chrome and Google Chrome OS. Google Apps were just out of beta after years but Google Chrome was out of beta  immediately when it was not ready. It was hard for people to get used to the interface.. By the way, are these two necessary. I dont know what google is planning. Google  and Mozilla can do better work..
And Google Chrome OS. Oh yes Android was a success for the handsets in which open source systems  are not popular.But things can be different when it comes to an OS. Google Chrome OS is may be what Microsoft wants.It is may be a threat for Ubuntu and Apple not for Microsoft. I hope i am  wrong about that . And i expect Google Chrome OS to be a visual,useful and a secure system not a VERY lightweight system. Because it will be hard for Windows,Apple or KDE users to change their system.
We will see what happens next year.
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