wakoopa and suggestions

wakoopa supported services i saw: friendfeed,retaggr,lifestream.fm. And card.ly will add wakoopa support soon.only lifestream.fm can show your wakoopa activities as a stream. others are just like a profile card. anyone knows more?
also there is a service called iusethis. but i don't like it. it is not tracking :)
also there is a tracking service called software.informer but it is only for updating software like filehippo update checker.
and also there is a service called whatpulse which tracks your keyboard and mouse activity.
when will wakoopa start tracking firefox extensions and hardware..? or will it?
also the categories of wakoopa is not enough.especially the category social networking. here is a better division from retaggr service.

Microblogging / lifestreaming / communication

Social networking

Blogging / commenting

Music / audio

Sharing / news


Video / movies / TV

Photography / art


Recommendations / shopping


Real Estate

Travel / Events / Other

Also wakoopa may add a send to twitter  and facebook button  for reviews about software.
these are the improvements i suggest to the wakoopa. by the way,how about adding a super overlord rank or similar? :)And android support will be useful.
Thanks wakoopa. One of the best things i love at wakoopa is the pictures of the ranks thanks wakoopa designers :D

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